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Updated 1/15/2015

I started to have arthritis in my knee when I was 30 years old.  My left hip became extremely painful with osteoarthritis and I had a hip resurfacing when I was 61 years old in 2006. My hands now are extremely sore and not even useful at times and my back,  neck, and knees suffer from painful arthritis.

At 70, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  The ring finger on my right hand had become swollen about twice the size of a regular joint.  The pain kept me from using my hand for many activities.  I had the joint fused to relieve it from pain. My hands are my biggest problem and I am now on methotrexate to prevent any more damage. 

It seems that most of us become affected by some type of arthritis during our lives. As my generation of Baby Boomers become older, we want to continue to be more active than our parents and grandparents.  We have surgical options to replace arthritic joints and other medicines to help with pain. New medical treatments are becoming available everyday. It is difficult to keep up with what is currently available. That is the purpose of this website - a patient guide about arthritis and arthritis treatments.

There are many excellent arthritis articles written by doctors and experts. It is often a very timely process to search the internet to find good information. Many of these expert articles are featured on this site to make learning easier and  give you one place to look for good resources. Being knowledgeable helps you to understand the many options you have in the treatment of arthritis. Only a doctor can prescribe medicine or surgery, but when you are knowledgeable, you are able to ask questions about your arthritis and it's treatment. You can better understand what the doctor is talking about because it seems that many doctors just don't take time to explain problems and treatments in detail.

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